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For our Danish Friends! I tell you someting about Bussolengo...

This is our town, Bussolengo!

This is our Institute...

and this is our School.

Below you can find a video about Bussolengo. Enjoy it!

I'll tell you something about Bussolengo

The first settlement dates back to the Iron Age (about 3500 years ago)
then came the Veneti, the Celts and the Reti
until the Romans conquest, that unified the different cultures.
Here they left some traces.
During the first centuries of Middle Ages the first name of Bussolengo was born: Gussilingus.
The first podestas of our Free Municipality (commune) was Garzeto, son of Olderico (around 1200 a. D. )
Probably was in that years that our jewel was built: the church of san Valentino.
Under the domination of the Scaligeri (the lords of Verona from 1262 until 1387), and after under the domination of the Visconti (the lords of Milan) and the Carraresi (the lords of Padua) Bussolengo was one of the richest Villages of this area.
In this period the church of san Valentino was enriched with its frescoes.
In the year 1405 a. D. our town was conquered from the Venetian Republic (the Serenissima).
In the year 1409 was born the Thursday market (maybe the biggest of our province).
This market will last a long time (until today).
Bussolengo remained even in these centuries an important center because on the river Adige, many ships transported the merchandises from the Trentino to Italy.
In the year 1711 the fair of san Valentino was born (300 years ago exactly).
After the French revolution Napoleon came in Italy; Bussolengo became battleground.
So our town passes sometimes under French rule, and then sometimes Austrian.
In the year 1866, Bussolengo and all Venetian territory became part of the Italian kingdom.
In early 1900, Bussolengo begins his craft and industrial development.
In the '60 were important the shoe factories.
Today our land is important for the commerce and the services.

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